Thursday, March 27, 2008


This term we are studying Citizenship. We have 17 days to do a random act of kindness each day. To reflect on what we did, we have a blog each. You can visit mine (and all my classmates' ones as well!) at

We focussed on Sir Edmund Hillary too.
Here is the reflection of my community work for Citizenship.


My goals for this year are....

Term 1
- To increase my spelling age by at least two months.

- To get at least two more stickers on my Numeracy Certificate, Stage 2.

Term 2
- To increase my vocabulary.

-To increase my self confidence.

Term 3
- Achieving a better placing for Cross Country.

- Complete my Numeracy Certificate.

Term 4


When we studied water safety, my class and another class travelled to Piha to learn about rips, holes, CPR e.t.c.

NicolaFHere are some brief steps on how to survive if you get into trouble in the sea.