Saturday, February 16, 2008


Cross Country was in Term 3. Most days, my class would go out and run 2 laps of the school. When we came back, we would reflect in a reflection log and mark our progress by filling in two gaps of many that went around a drawing of the North Island of New Zealand. After all our training, I had travelled from Auckland, up to Cape Reinga, and down to one gap short of Tauranga.

My Goal: My goal is to improve my time by at least 30 seconds each time I run.

Here is my log:

DATE: 19/ 07/ 07
TIME: 9:55
COMMENTS: I am tired but satisfied for my first session.

DATE: 20/ 07/ 07
TIME: 9:52
COMMENTS: I'm proud of myself - I didn't stop or walk!

DATE: 24/ 07/ 07
TIME: 9:20
COMMENTS: I'm happy because I beat my time by 32 seconds!

DATE: 26/ 07/ 07
TIME: 9:45
COMMENTS: I'm disappointed with today's time. Better luck next time!

DATE: 27/ 07/ 07
TIME: 8:45
COMMENTS: I'm happy I improved by a minute!

DATE: 31/ 07/ 07
TIME: 15:09
COMMENTS: I had to walk a little bit, but that's OK!

DATE: 8/ 8/ 07
TIME: 16:04
COMMENTS: That was our last one. I'm so tired!

Write a brief statement about how you felt you trained for Cross Country:
I trained well at school for Cross Country. Mostly I improved my time, but not for 30 seconds! I realise now that 30 seconds was quite a lot to improve by! I enjoyed the Cross Country training.

How well did you do on the day?
On the day, I think I went a bit slower than I could have because I hadn't run the route before and didn't know if I would get too tired.

Effort Score: 4+ / 6

Place: 115th

Athletics day came too, in Term 4. " The key to our Athletics programme is to have fun and to focus on developing agility, balance, coordination and speed through..."

Shotput throwing technique
Self - 3
Peer - 3

Discus throwing technique
Self - 3
Peer - 4

Running / sprinting technique
Self - 4
Peer - 5

Relays / Baton change
Self - 4
Peer - 5

Long Jump
Self - 4
Peer - 4

High Jump
Self - 2
Peer - n/a

If you were to outline the Athletics programme, how would you explain it?
While we were training, we trained for discus, shotput, baton changing, long jump, and I did high jump at my afterschool class. I enjoyed long jump the most because I loved to see how far I could jump, and I liked the feeling of just running and jumping.
On Athletics Day I completed in the tableau, discus, shotput and sprints. Overall, I think that I fitted into everything quite nicely, but some I put more effort into than others. I think that I most need to improve on shotput. The shotput is quite heavy, and I wasn't used to its weight. I didn't throw it very far.

Effort Meter

During this unit I...

Busted my guts! I really did!
Sweated and puffed endlessly.
Puffed at certain stages.
Fitted in quite nicely to everything that took place.
Went through the motions.
Sat on the grass. Exhausting!

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