Saturday, August 23, 2008


Next month, September, my school is hosting a Kid's Conference for our four contributing primary schools Year 6's and the Year 7's at my school. Some of the Year 8's, including me, are setting up ICT workshops in different classes. My friend and I are talking about Voicethread, but there will be others too, such as Google Sketch Up, Wikispaces, Photography, i-movie and blogs. It's going to be exciting! We may even have a night open to the public to drop in!

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Jess said...

WOW you have done HEAPS on your e-Portfolio!
You've got so much I think it'll be easier to organise on a wiki! Anywho.
I really like how you have explained how to use all those tools like gloster, voicthread etc!
I really like blogs, because you get way more visitors than a wikispace, but then again a wiki is easy to navigate!
You have HEAPS of voicethreads as well! Excellent!
Well done! I think you should flick Mrs M an email and tell her to check this out!
I haven't looked through all of it as it is taking ages to load, but so far excellent work!
Would you consider using a wiki?

Marvelous work!