Saturday, November 29, 2008


My time at Intermediate is coming to a close. I've posted lots on this blog of just about everything that has happened at Intermediate school. Next year I'm starting college and obviously won't have as much time to post. I don't plan to put as much up here but I think a post once a month about how Year 9's going would be reasonable. Intermediate has been so much fun but I am so looking forward to college. I like the idea of going from class to class.
Thanks to all who have been watching my blog - please do in the following year. Recently my Clustrmap updated but it's now almost as full as my old one! You may have noticed that now when reading my blog you have to click "Older Posts" but I realised this blog takes a lot less time to load this way.
I still welcome comments: you can imagine how exciting it is to hear from people you don't know, as well as people you do know!

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