Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Whaia te Tikitiki is a motto I will never forget. Intermediate school has been one of my most memorable experiences and these two years have brought so much fun into my learning.
I can hardly imagine me not knowing how to blog, but I didn't, at the beginning of 2007. I didn't even know what a blog was, or that it was possible for a student to let the student voice be heard worldwide through ICT. Then I was taught how to blog, and I gradually picked things up. Even halfway through 2007, when asked to name a few Web 2.0 tools, I was still defining what Web 2.0 was in my mind, and could only think of Wikispaces, Blogger and Voicethread. Now I know so many tools that do so many cool things! I've definitely come a long, long way since my time at Intermediate began.
Yes, learning with ICT is fun. Going on a computer is leisure for some people and to be able to use them all the time at school makes learning a whole lot more interesting. Recording voice and posting on the web are only a couple of many pleasures students experience when they have completed some ICT work.
E-portfolios are so neat and you can keep putting things into them without them gaining weight. You don't have to carry them around anywhere, yet they are accessible from anywhere in the world. With internet, that is!
We are growing up into a very different world. One with computers and nearly everything done electronically or digitally. I'm going to embrace these opportunities because you will need lots of ICT skills in the future.
There is something special about being able to google your own website or see images that you've used come up in Google Image searches. About seeing words you've written on the World Wide Web, for everyone to read. About the overall package of blogs or wikis, and how neat they can look when finished & updated and about being able to make the student voice heard in the world. Watching your clustrmap as it fills up with hits from all around the world, even places in which you don't know anyone living there!
It is pride and that can only encourage us to keep posting. Blogging is fun.

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