Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As I've mentioned before, this is going to be an excellent series. I read the first book, The Maze Of Bones, and received and read One False Note, the second book.
Before the release of One False Note, on the 1st of December, there was a webcast which can be viewed here:
and a few kids from countries all around the world got to ask a question to the author of the second book about the story. I did this, and my question was chosen! It is answered on the webcast at 39:40 minutes. I asked about Dan and Amy's mother. (Answer)
In return, the 5 kids from my class who also asked questions but weren't answered received a 39 clues balloon, cap, T-shirt, pen, card pack and the second book, each, including me! It was very exciting!


Anonymous said...

What was the answer?
-StewMan9000 www.the39clues.com

Nicola said...

Well, Hope Cahill, Amy and Dan's mother, was the one who wrote "Follow Franklin" and that is why Amy and Dan went to Europe first.
For centuries, Cahills have been searching for the 39 clues but the official contest started at Grace's will reading. The rest is a mystery!
Thanks for commenting.
I hope this starts to answer your question!