Tuesday, August 3, 2010


German this year has been my second option choice. I'm still enjoying learning the language, although this year has been noticeably harder and more focused on the language structure; also I think I will drop the subject for next year, as I've done a year and a half of German now and have had lots of fun.

Twelve assessments are and were lined up for us this year for German. They're our TBL assessments and although we haven't received grades back, I think I've had quite a good year of tests.

First we had to film our small group introducing ourselves and each other; the footage was to be marked. The following extended to us having to talk about our family as well. I put together a movie using technology and programmes I wasn't quite confident with but scrubbed up reasonably well! The third was a supposedly pen-pal response in letter format, telling them all about us. We corresponded back to our teacher, but this was one of my best emails. :)
The fourth assessment was a simple MP3 recording done like an interview.

The following assessment was a Powerpoint of an itinerary and additional information for getting around a German city. I chose Bremen, and will post the Powerpoint up below. I made a twin Powerpoint just like it for Auckland, for the next assessment though, because we needed to do one in German, so the opposite from our last one, about getting around the city.

One big test we did was the Listening and Reading test. I'm quite sure that I got Excellence.

In German we use quite a few different types of technology. We are on the computers often and all our assessments have been Powerpoints, MP3 recordings, videos or emails. All our work is stored on a class Google Doc, and it is nice using this handy tool again as I hadn't since Year 8! (Please note I cannot link the Doc completely because it is secure but the link will take you through to Google Docs where you have the opportunity to create one if you would like.)

The most recent assessment was a group recorded dialogue of what would be said in a cake shop, ordering things to eat. We got ours done quickly and efficiently.

Bremen Powerpoint (TBL 5):
Slides can be enlarged for reading with a single click!

Auckland Powerpoint (TBL 7):

Our practice exam was the September assessment. There was a Writing paper persuading a friend to come to New Zealand. We had to write things like "We will take the bus to the beach. You can buy icecreams there," sort of thing. The Listening paper was challenging, but then again, it was a Year 11 exam. I got a Merit overall, and an overall Merit in the Reading paper too. I'm very happy with that!

That brings us up to date for German 2010. We won't be learning much from now on, rather revising for the real exam. That's okay by me, because I have learnt absolutely heaps this year.

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