Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've made this a tradition now, but have discovered that noone ever stops learning if you keep your eyes wide open, as well as your mind.
I've learnt that success must be worked towards and changes to learning made in order to achieve at a higher level. I, for the first time, am starting to have to fight for my good grades and must continue to improve my work ethic before exams and next year. Perhaps what the world needs is a change to learning as well, but a change for the better. A change from old-school to using technology and Web 2.o tools? This could well work. It would equip students with more than what they need and teach them more than they can learn from the current style. I am still for electronic portfolios.
This blog started as an around five week experiment for my school. The others who started with me have long since given up, but I've kept mine going, four years down the track, because I warm to the idea of a big collection, preserved forever online, of all my school work, briefly, since Year 7, since I started going to school, learning to learn, rather than accepting everything I'm taught. With an eportfolio I can be more spontaneous, and that is a good skill to acquire. Perhaps this also shows determination, for I've made a point of keeping the blog going. One year, two years, three ... four.
There really has been no end to all I've learnt from keeping a blog, an electronic portfolio. It provides a good base to inspire from, and to teach from. There's a world of online tools out there.

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