Saturday, June 5, 2010


Term 2 came and I was taking Food as well. We only cooked about once a week, which was a slight disappointment, but I still enjoyed learning about the theory things of food, and we all enjoyed hands-on cooking! I was in a really good group of four and we worked amazingly well on the days we had to cook, with a time limit pressing down too. Perhaps they were the best group I've ever worked with in terms of efficiency!

Our theme for our assessed cooks was the 2009 movie Monsters Vs Aliens, which we watched one afternoon at the cinema, then we planned individual recipes that we would cook as a group (so they had to be similar to the rest of our group's recipes). All the surrounding information was to be handed in in a booklet, which I did a couple of days late. Still, it came back with an impressed comment stating that my teacher thought it had perhaps been the best one in the class! I was elated, as I had made a rather fat book of information. All the pages are below, in order, so you can read my plans and reflections for yourself, but the weeks spent preparing for the three big cooks we did had us making wedges, scones, pizzas and some other delicious delicacies. Eating was the best part of the class!

I achieved a separate assessment with Merit, when I had to cook for my family at home. Apparently I had 'good use of my routines and recipes' and I was pleased with how I worked. I made packet creamy chicken soup, a bit of a cheat, but an entreƩ only, nevertheless, followed by sausage snails, easy and cute, with mounds of mashed potato for the shells. I put in a third course of one of my excellent little green salads, and that was before some potato wedges, spicy and seasoned to perfection. My best dish was my rice pudding for dessert, my first time making it, and eating it, since I was a baby! I cooked for my mum and dad, and they really enjoyed it. Mum gave me a lot of positive feedback!

Three of my favourite recipes were shortlisted by me as to what I'd cook that fitted the theme of the movie, and I ended up cooking just the one, three times (but due to sickness I only cooked twice). My little book got me Excellence.

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