Friday, June 4, 2010


I studied Science in 2009 for the second semester and we briefly covered Chemistry, Biology and Physics, while doing a big unit on Energy and Photosynthesis too.

My Haiku:
"Working factories
Creating sugar and food

Something is living when it displays the life processes: MRS C GREN or Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Circulation, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition.

In Chemistry we lit glowing splints to test for oxygen, conducted the pop test to check for hydrogen and used lime chips to experiment with carbon dioxide. We did a lot of fun practicals with the Bunsen Burner and it was good to learn in a hands-on way again!

Our unit on energy taught us there are different kind of energy, such as Radiant, Kinetic, Gravitational, Sound and Potential!

We covered the Water Cycle briefly and all did powerpoints on this. A second powerpoint was created in groups of two about Fireworks ad the chemistry behind them, which taught us some very interesting things!

When water is obtained from its original source, it is screened, thus preventing fish, plants and leaves from dirtying the water.
Next, chemicals are mixed into the water; these chemicals kill germs and improve the taste and odor of the water. Solids are settled.
Following this, water is put through a process called sedimentation, in which the chemicals are all mixed up to further settle the solids in the water.
Filtration takes place and the water is filtered away from any more particles still lingering. In case of any more germs, the water is disinfected.
Before flowing into the distribution system, the water is stored,and then, finally, it travels through the pipes to us for our usage.

We sat three or four tests with each unit and I got two or three Excellences and one Merit on Fred's Breakfast. For this we had to insulate tins of hot water with different medias, but I didn't finish the write-up of the two day test.

Year Nine General Science was a good introduction to science at college and I learnt a lot whilst having good fun with the people I sat with!

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