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My choice of language to learn in Year 9 was German. I learnt the basics of the language for six months while we covered greetings, class objects, subjects at school and opinions thereupon, the alphabet, numbers, months, days of the week, colours, hobbies, where one lives, one's family, describing people, describing animals and Christmas, at the end of the year (Weihnachten).

I kept a vocabulary notebook for future reference with all vocab learnt, and enjoyed the language as I found myself getting many Excellences!

Here are the key phrases I learnt, and enough vocabulary to keep you going for a while, although we learnt more than this!

To greet, I can say...

Hallo - Hello
Guten Morgen - Good Morning
Guten Tag - Good Day
Guten Abend - Good Evening

...and when I want to say goodbye I say...

Bis Später - See you later
Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye
Tschüs - Bye

...some handy phrases and questions are...

Wie heißt du? - What is your name?
Ich heiße... - I am called...
Wie geht es Ihnen? - How are you?
Mir geht's... - I am (emotionally) ...
Wie alt bist du? - How old are you?
Ich bin... Jahre alt. - I am... years old.
Was ist dein Lieblingsfach? - What is your favourite subject?
Mein Lieblingsfach ist... - My favourite subject is...
Wann hast du Geburtstag? - When do you have your birthday?
Mein Geburtstag ist am... - My birthday is on the...
Wo wohnst du? - Where do you live?
Ich wohne in einem... - I live in a...
Hast du Geschwister? - Do you have siblings?
Ich habe einen Bruder / eine Schwester. - I have a brother / a sister.
Hast du ein Haustier? - Do you have a pet?
Ich habe... - I have...
Hast du Hobbys? - Do you have hobbies?
Ich... gern. - I like to...
Woher kommst du? - Where do you come from?
Ich komme aus... - I come from... say how I feel...

ausgezeichnet - excellent
sehr gut - very good
soso - okay
nicht so gut - not so good
schlecht - bad
prima - great

...objects at school...

die Schule - the school
das Buch - the book
der Radiergummi - the eraser
der Kuli - the pen
die Federtasche - the pencil case

...subjects, too...

Mathe - Maths
Englisch - English
Sozialkunde - Social Studies
Deutsch - German
Wissenschaften - Science
Theater - Drama
Kunst - Art
Technologie - technology are the days of the week...

Montag - Monday
Dienstag - Tuesday
Mittwoch - Wednesday
Donnerstag - Thursday
Freitag - Friday
Samstag - Saturday
Sonntag - Sunday

...and the numbers...

eins - one
zwei - two
drei - three
vier - four
fünf - five
sechs - six
sieben - seven
acht - eight
neun - nine
zehn - ten
elf - eleven
zwölf - twelve
dreizehn - thirteen
vierzehn - fourteen
fünfzehn - fifteen
sechzehn - sixteen
siebzehn - seventeen
achtzehn - eighteen
nehnzehn - nineteen
zwanzig - twenty
einundzwanzig - twenty one
zweiundzwanzig - twenty two
dreiundzwanzig - twenty three
vierundzwanzig - twenty four
fünfundzwanzig - twenty five
sechsundzwanzig - twenty six
siebenundzwanzig - twenty seven
achtundzwanzig - twenty eight
neunundzwanzig - twenty nine
dreißig - thirty
vierzig - forty
fünfzig - fifty
sechzig - sixty
siebzig - seventy
achtzig - eighty
neunzig - ninety
(ein)hundert - a hundred
(ein)hunderteins - a hundred and one
(ein)hundertzwei - a hundred and two
(ein)hundertzwanzig - a hundred and twenty
(ein)hunderteinundzwanzig - a hundred and twenty one
(ein)hundertzweiundzwanzig - a hundred and twenty two
zweihundert - two hundred
dreihundert - three hundred
(ein)tausend - a thousand

...months of the year...

Januar - January
Februar - February
März - March
April - April
Mai - May
Juni - June
Juli - July
August - August
September - September
Oktober - October
November - November
Dezember - December I say the alphabet...

Ah! Beh! Tseh! Deh! Eh! Eff! Gie! Ha! Ee! Yot! Ka! Ell! Emm! Enn! Oh! Peh! Ku! Err! Ess! Teh! Oo! Fau! Iks! Üpsilon! Tset!

...places to live...

Haus - house
Wohnung - apartment
Stadt - city
Dorf - village

...the colours...

schwarz - black
weiß - white
rot - red
orange - orange
gelb - yellow
grün - green
blau - blue
lila - purple

...verbs (infinitive form) that if have "I" in front lose the "e"...

lesen - to read
tanzen - to dance
rennen - to run
gehen - to go


Japan - Japan
Italien - Italy
Dänemark - Denmark
Amerika - America

...a few members of the family...

Mutter - Mother
Vater - Father
Oma - Grandma
Opa - Grandpa

I really enjoyed German and would like to carry it on in Year 10!
A handy website we often used as a German dictionary is
Please comment! Try to use some of your new German vocabulary! Wie geht es Ihnen, Leute?

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