Friday, June 4, 2010


Being quite a visual subject, I'll post some photos below of the graphics work that I did in my first term at college as one of my two Technology choices. The theme for our final piece of work to go in an exhibition with our groups of fours' work from the other branches of Technology as a subject was a specific country. Our group chose Germany, so German recipes were cooked, a German project sewed, a German piece of work made, and I, being from Graphics, constructed a small castle complete with turrets and stonework walls. In preparation we worked through various graphics worksheets that taught us skills required. I learnt how to render (colour in using blending and tone) and draw oblique drawings, isometric drawings, and orthographic projections. (Crooked lines are a result of photography, not poor drawing!!)



rendering / drawing shadows


orthographic projections

oblique digital clock

my castle

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