Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am currently in Year 10, which is so much more fun than Year 9! I am finally updated, regarding this blog, at which I am surprised I am still keeping it going! I was thinking the other day that this was only a months worth experiment back in 2007 but I am finding it extremely useful, having information, a summary, photos and work from just about everything in my school life since Year 7! I like the idea of this, because, truth be told,we didn't do anything before Year 7, in school, anyway! This year I have continued with Visual Art and German, and I was accepted into a Year 11 Social Studies Course and a Year 11 Science Course, which means at the end of the year I will be sitting proper NCEA exams for seniors. NCEA focuses on certain numbers of credits, obtained from good work throughout the year, to get you into each following year, and then, eventually, university. I am still keen on becoming an Interior Designer and am taking all my subjects in my stride. Being a Year 10 is great!

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