Sunday, June 6, 2010


One year of college gone and I am still missing Intermediate. I miss the access to internet and Web 2.0 tools! I was warned at Intermediate that college wouldn't use computers nearly as much, but it is still true. I often feel priveliged because I know about e-learning e.t.c now, after being at Intermediate, and a lot of my college peers don't know of such things. At my school we use PC computers, which is a change from Apples that I don't appreciate, and we use computer labs very rarely. I've hardly been on a computer at school all year! Just once or twice for each subject. Even then, internet is only used for access to Google or suchlike, and not to share our learning. I have forgotten many of the tools we used to use and so I am very grateful I blogged it all while it was in my mind last year. Anytime I can log back on to Blogger and refresh my memory of the Web 2.0 tools out there. A few Power Points have been made this year too, but that is about it, so I think that next year I may be able to arrange with my teachers to do any sort of presentation the technological way, so I don't entirely forget the internet, or perhaps swap a Power Point assignment for a Voki, Viddix or Wikispace! There is still a lot of time to use these, and I could boost my grades with some very creative Web 2.0 tools that my teachers, I am sure, wouldn't have even heard of yet! If I can change my learning to fit what I became used to at Intermediate, in the future my teachers may assign complete projects using tools I can teach them, and then, the way of learning really will change.

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