Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Every term, we set two goals for ourselves...

Term 1
- My goal is to do basically everything on the computer and learn how to make powerpoints e.t.c

Term 2
- I want to work on enhancing my writing and make it more interesting for the reader.

- I want to create exciting pages on my knowledge net (a 'space' I have that I can access at school and at home).

Term 3
- I want to have at least two stickers on my Numeracy Certificate 2 by the end of the term.

- I want to improve my spelling age before the end of the term.

Term 4
- I want to be able to direct my own learning and know what I have to do next.

- I want to be able to present my work in many various ICT ways.


Jess said...

Your e-portfolio, is looking good!
I like the set up of your page, and well done for putting your goals up!
Maybe you should take some pictures of your Kete and put them up!
Well done and keep up the great work!

NF said...

Great idea, Jess

Anonymous said...

I like how you did an entry on your goals! KEEP IT UP!