Friday, November 16, 2007


In Term 1, we focused on letter writing and articles. When we came back from school camp, we all created a newspaper front page on camp. We wrote articles, and this was one of mine...


For years New Zealanders have thought that their national emblem cannot fly. At last, some students got a chance to prove everyone wrong. At their school camp, in turn, they were harnessed onto a rope and taught to 'fly'. The flying instructor asked if the kiwi was ready. The kiwi's rope went over a high log, behind the kiwi, around a post and back up beside the kiwi. Everybody else held onto that part of the rope and pulled it forward. The kiwi then ran...and flew. At last! Kiwis can fly!

In Term 2, we wrote procedural text. We then had to create a booklet with lots of activities that helped you to practice procedural text inside. Here is a sample of procedural text that I wrote in Term 2...


You will need:
- white bread
- tomato sauce (or any other savoury sauce of your choice)
- butter or margerine
- 1-3 strips of bacon. (Sainsbury's bacon is a good brand.)
- tongs
- oven mitts
- frying pan
- chopping board
- a sharp knife
- an oven safe dish.

FIRST - Preheat the oven*
1. Heat the frying pan until it is ready to go.
2. Put the amount of bacon that you want into the frying pan. Overlap the bacon, and remember to cook both sides. When it is crisp, it will be ready.
3. Meanwhile, cut good slices of white bread.
4. When the bacon is ready, (using tongs) transfer into an oven proof dish. The oven needs to have been preheated* at 100 degrees Celsius. Then put the bacon in the oven.
5. Next, spread the bread with butter.
6. Place some bacon on the bread.
7. Squirt some sauce over your sandwich if you want sauce.
8. Top the sandwich with another slice of bread.

Your bacon sandwich is ready to eat! Enjoy!

In Term 3, we did exposition writing (persuasive text). In my final assessment, I wrote this...


Some people think that rugby is given too much importance in New Zealand. I strongly disagree with this point of view and what these people think.
All over New Zealand there are big rugby fans who always love to hear about what the All Blacks are up to. After the All Blacks have played a game, practically the whole country knows the score. I think it's great that so many New Zealanders - rain or no rain - go along to the matches to support our national team.
Also, rugby is a kiwiana thing - the rugby ball is a kiwiana icon! We have a fantastic, world-famous rugby team here in New Zealand, and when people think of New Zealand, they think of the All Blacks!
Lastly, people enjoy living in a country with a super rugby team. Us kiwis are proud to be New Zealand citizens. Would you want others to look at New Zealand and say, 'They have the best rugby team, but they don't make a fuss over them'?
So because all over New Zealand there are big rugby fans, rugby is a kiwiana thing, and people enjoy living in a country with a great rugby team, I strongly feel that our All Blacks and rugby are not given too much importance in New Zealand and should continue to be promoted widely and vigorously.

This term we are writing a porquoi (a legend) about New Zealand. We are working in pairs. After we have written our story, we will record it on Garageband and make it into a podcast. To see what I have done, look at my post named Pourquois.

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