Sunday, November 25, 2007

WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 is a variety of free tools that the world can use on the internet. These include Wikispaces, Blogger, Podomatic, Bubbleshare, Slide, Ourstory, Voicethread and many others.
At my school, computers are a big part of our learning. We present our work using Garageband, Wikispaces etc, but there are many other tools that we could use as well. Ourstory is a programme that creates timelines. We could make timelines of our learning or timelines of how we are achieving our goals.
Most of these tools you have to register for, but it's free!
Many schools still teach 'the old way' - using books and pens. My school uses laptops and computers everyday! I think that it is important that we use computers in our learning because we are the first generation that don't have the choice of whether to use computers, or to use paper. We are growing up in a digital world, so we need skills in ICT.
Also, at my school, we have paper portfolios and e-portfolios. Paper portfolios often have the actual copy of your work: this is a plus. However, in paper portfolios you cannot put in sound / animations / movies. This is a minus.
In e-portfolios, yes! you can have movies and other things that you cannot put in a paper portfolio. But e-portfolios do not hold all your assessments or tests that you have done at school.
With e-portfolios you can access them both at school and at home. Your parents can view them from home as well.
My school has knowledge net. Each student has a 'space' that is passworded and protected. It is still on the web, but only the students and their teachers can enter their space. On knowledge net you can chat with your classmates and create pages. Within a student's space, they have their e-portfolio. They can create pages within their e-portfolio (within their knowledge net space) for specific things such as their achievements. We like to personalize our homepage with things that we like and what we do out of school.
This is why I have created an e-portfolio on a blog. I am in an experiment with a few of my classmates. We have all created a second e-portfolio on wikis and blogs. Then the teachers will see whether they should keep going with knowledge net next year, or use wikis and blogs (where your audience / viewers are the whole world.)

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