Saturday, November 17, 2007


My Science Fair was called Sticky Bugs. Here is all the planning that went into it...

Science Fair

Sticky Bugs.

AIM: To find out which colour attracts flying insects the most.

HYPOTHESIS: I think that yellow will attract the most insects because a lot of small insects are attracted to light and yellow is a light colour.


coloured card,*
18 long skewers,
masking tape,
Zinc and Castor oil ointment,
and a toothbrush
(to dab on the ointment
to make the card sticky.)









1. Tape the coloured card to the skewers - one colour for each skewer, and three cards of each colour.

2. Paint the ointment onto the card with the toothbrush to make it sticky.

3. Plant the skewers in three different parts of the garden. Use one of each colour at each location, so it is a fair test. Plant the skewers in the garden at 12:45 pm, and collect them in again at 5:45 pm.

4. At 5:45 pm, come back and record how many insects have stuck to each card / colour.

5. Repeat the experiment two more times, at the same time each day, and in the same weather conditions.


Constant Control variables - things that you will keep the same.
Same places
Same colours
Same size of card
Same toothbrush
Same time of day
Same weather
Same sticky substance

Test variables - the thing that you will change/test.
I will change the colour of the card (when I have 6 different colours in each set.)

Measured variable - what am I looking for?
I am looking for the number of insects stuck to each card/colour.

Multiple variables - what could I also do?
I could test it in different weather.....


Friday 1 June

Tonight I cut the cardboard into squares. They are 10 cm by 10 cm. I have 9 cards of each colour = for 3 tests and 3 locations. I will place them by the feijoa trees, the passionfruit plants, and the garden by the pool which is near the tamarillo tree. Mum helped me find something sticky to paint onto my cardboard. I was going to use varnish but of course it will just dry out. Instead, I will use Zinc and Castor oil ointment. It's great because it doesn't dry out, and because it is so old, it is very sticky!
I'm really looking forward to science fair!

Saturday 2 June

Today I dabbed the ointment onto the cards and put the first set out into the garden. I took photos of the skewers in the garden. I hope I catch some insects, and if I do, I hope it supports my hypothesis.

21.06.07 This is good work so far. Remember to keep this record of work up to date right to the end. There is a big gap from the 2nd of June to now.You might like to add an entry on the Scientific Habits of Mind that you have used and the types of thinking that you have done at the different stages of this investigation. Give some examples of each.Do you have any photographs that you could add to this page? Mrs. M

Sunday 3 June

My hypothesis is looking grim today. My cards caught nothing at all!!!!! The weather was the same as yesterday - 1 shower and a small bit of sunshine, but mainly overcast.

Monday 4 June

My hypothesis is not looking too good today, either. I caught nothing on yellow. Red and green both caught two insects -the most! Blue also caught 1 insect. All my insects are sandflies! It's a pity my experiment hasn't really worked, but I think I'll have fun presenting my board!


Saturday 16 June

I painted my science board silver today. It looks fantastic!

Sunday 17 June

I printed out all my typed pieces except my log, conclusion and application.

Friday 22 June

I started to draft my conclusion tonight.

Saturday 23 June

Today I printed out my conclusion after making it better. I also did my application, and after tea I glued on my heading - Sticky Bugs!!!

Sunday 24 June

Today I backed all my typing and arranged my board. I realised this log will have to go on one of the side panels instead of between my conclusion and application. But I'm happy with that!


Why did you choose to research this topic? Because I was interested in things to do with the garden and what colours can do. I also thought that it would be valuable information for gardeners who think that insects are pests.

Which aspects of the Science Fair investigation challenged you most and why? What challenged me was my results! When I brought in my cards on Saturday night, I realised that this might not work because I had only caught a couple of sandflies. I debated over whether to keep going and hope for the best with my experiment, or change my times so that I could do it during the week - hopefully the weather would be warm!

Describe the 2 key things that you have learnt from this investigation. I have learnt that I should plan everything s0 that it would definitely work, I had to rely on the fact that the weather might change. I have also learnt to use the time I have. I was early to finish my testing, and I didn't work on my conclusion until the last minute.

How might others benefit from what you have found out? My hypothesis would possibly be correct if I repeated my experiment in warmer weather, when gardeners tend to plant their crops. If insects were being a pest, they could lay out coloured, sticky flags to trap them.

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