Thursday, November 15, 2007


For maths, I am in Mathex. We had a task to do: design a board game that requires maths skills. My group made Math-O-Poly, a mathematical version of Monopoly. We have a wiki that we can look at to read the task, or upload drafts, pictures e.t.c. To visit this wiki go to... Here is our board game...

One week in Term 1, our homework was to spend $10,000! We had to pretend, of course, that we had the money. By looking through all the junk mail and cutting out ads, we presented our items on a piece of paper. The task was to round up and down, and to try and spend exactly $10,000. Here is what I bought...

Exercycle $600
Washing Machine $700
Milkshake Maker $40
Cellphone $400
Video Camera $900
i-pod $150
DVD Player $300
HiFi Stereo $350
MP3 Player $100
Relax Chair $60
Dishwasher $1000
Laptop $1400
Television $2300
Digital Camera $1300
Guitar $160
Hockey Stick $150
Netball $30
Goldfish (x6) $60

TOTAL: $10,000!!!

Another day, we had to think of something you could buy, find the price and discount it, showing the new price in decimals, fractions and percentages. I based it on a Beach Runner, something I invented!

SAVE! Beach Runner! SAVE!

* Race along the beach! *
* Ski down sand dunes! *
* Hover over mud! *

Numbers are limited, so hurry!

WAS $545
SAVE! $109!
SAVE! 20 / 100!
SAVE! 0.2!
SAVE! 20% off!

Come to X-treme Leisure * 42 Fun Dr * 0800BEACHFUNNZ *
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