Monday, November 12, 2007


Here are some links to blogs and wikis that I have created / used individually or as a group.
My reading group read the Diary of Anne Frank earlier in the year. We would each get a task to do about what we had read. Then we uploaded these tasks onto a blog:

For maths, I am in Mathex. In groups we got a task to do: design and make a game that requires maths. Our teacher created a wiki that we could go onto at home as well. The wikis address is:

So that our parents can see what we're doing at school, a blog was created.

In Term 3 we studied Human Rights. As part of this study, we read a book about refugees: Boy Overboard, by Morris Gleitzman. We did activities about this story. The best ones went onto our Boy Overboard blog:

A group of students in my class then made a wiki for our Human Rights study. You can visit it at:

Our last Human Rights task was our Community Rights. In groups of 4 we had to address one topic of Human Rights in our community and to do something to help. My group focussed on those in need of clothes. We put all our planning on a wiki: To see other groups' pages, go to the navigator.


Gail said...

Hi Nicola
You have done a great job at getting started with your eportfolio. I really like your layout and the way you have used different coloured fonts for the headings. It is amazing to see just how much you have done when you actually set it all out and create the links. You may like to have a section on your goals and also your thoughts - how you feel about your learning, using technology, the Web2.0 tolls available etc.
Great work.

horsecrazy said...

Hi Nikki, great work! I love how you put on the coloured text! It really stands out! Keep it up!A few more posts.


P.S look at my blog ellenseportfolio.blogspot.comgj